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Our Story

We are Yoey and Gerard and would like to share our humble beginnings into the cigar industry. Our journey started with inquisitiveness and through the help of a friend who helped navigate the various tobacco companies, in search of exclusive tobacco leaves for developing an earlier project. The search allowed us to witness firsthand the personal and unique process of transforming the leaves into this product we love so much. The most noticeable of which was the dedication of the artisan rolling cigars to the sound of loud music and chatter in a busy but pleasant atmosphere. An artistry that reflects the love and care put into each cigar crafted time and time again. Slowly and profoundly, we found ourselves in love with the trade, ultimately culminating in the founding of Aria Exclusives. Even though Aria Exclusives is in its inception stage, we are proud to have enlisted the skill of a former manager of a world renowned, high quality, luxurious cigar manufacturing company and his team of craftsmen who never fail to deliver the highest quality product. Just like we humans are unique in our own way, the cigar industry boasts endless varieties of flavors and sizes. With the challenge of choosing the right combination of cigars to introduce the brand, we ultimately decided on the Aria Robusto Trio consisting of the Connecticut, the Habano, and the San Andres. With Aria Exclusives, we promise only premium quality cigars that will leave a lasting impression, now, the future and beyond.

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