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Our Cigars

F: Dominican Republic
B: Indonesia
W: Connecticut
V: Robusto 5x52
Flavors: Flowery, freshness, white pepper, softly leathery
Aromas: Fruity, dry nuts, subtle

An easy and fresh smoke, soft flavor but elegant, perfect burning, nice and firm ash, a smoke that you can enjoy during early morning or even in the afternoon.

F: Dominican Republic
B: Indonesia
W: Habano
V: Robusto 5x52
Flavors: Dark chocolate, coffee aromas
Aromas: Roasted nuts, woody, dry fruit

This is a round smoke experience, the complexity and balance are harmonious, consistent coffee flavors, positive long aftertaste and creaminess, this particular cigar is a full body but easy smoke experience, a perfect match for any combination at any moment. You will find this one hard to resist.

San Andres
F: Dominican Republic
B: Indonesia
W: San Andres
V: Robusto 5x52
Flavors: Dark coffee, dark chocolate, oak
Aromas: Roasted nuts, woody, and leathery

Full body smoke experience, very balanced and complex, consistently dark coffee flavors, positive long aftertaste, this cigar is a particularly full body smoke but at the same time an easy smoke experience, with distinct sweetness and spiciness as ginger.

Corojo Habano Maduro
F: Pennsylvanian, Olor Dominicano
B: Olor Dominicano
W: Corojo Habano
V: Robusto 5x50
Flavors: Earthy, spicy, dark chocolate espresso, sweetness.
Aromas: Rich aromatic bouquet, earthy, spicy, sweetness.

Medium to full body smoke experience, with earthy, spicy dark chocolate sweet flavor. Aromas of rich aromatic bouquet will excite your senses.

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